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As a professional LED packaging factory, inhere has the advantages of excellent production environment, advanced production equipment, high quality raw materials and so on.  In terms of the five key factors of "human, machine, material, method, and ring" in industrial manufacturing enterprises, 

In the aspect of Human,inhere has a stable management and production team;

In the aspect of machinery (production equipment), inhere has the industry's leading advanced automatic production equipment;

In terms of materials, the main materials adopted by inhere are all high-quality products of well-known manufacturers in the industry. In particular, we always insist on using the gold wire and the rubber cake used by professional Ridong Company for automotive electronics. The quality is stable and the attenuation is small.

In terms of production management, inhere has stable quality and high yield.

In terms of production environment, inhere adopts the standard of constant temperature, humidity, dust-free and anti-static production workshop and 7S management.