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Manufacturing force

inhere has always insisted on using the industry's most advanced automated production Equipment, using the professional manufacturers of high quality raw material, using the method of scientific and standardized management, positioning in the high-end products, from fully meet customer demand, focus on business, after nearly a decade of continuous development and improvement, has developed LAMP LED 30 kk/month, the CHIP LED 70 kk/month, the TOP LED 30 kk/month, small butterfly LED 10KK/ month production capacity. The company adopts Ufida ERP system to provide complete data support for engineering research and development, business, procurement, production and manufacturing, storage and shipment, quality and financial management. 

Dongguan inhere Opto Co., Ltd is rooted in the Pearl River Delta region where the supply chain of optoelectronic industry is perfect. Key materials for LED packaging such as wafers, brackets (PCB boards), glue and related accessories can be purchased nearby. Safe stock of conventional standard materials such as rubber cakes and gold wires has been prepared according to the plan, and flexible and flexible production management has been assisted. We can realize the quick delivery, has a great advantage in terms of product delivery time.


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