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Company welfare

一、The company benefits
1. Employee benefits
1. Welfare policy
    - food: own canteen, strictly control the quality of food materials to ensure food safety and abundant dishes.Provide breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and distribute fruits at noon every Monday.
    - dormitories: one room for 2 to 4 employees, hot water supply, air conditioning;
    - five social insurance and one housing fund: purchase social security upon official entry; purchase housing provident fund upon conversion;
    - paid annual leave: worked for 3 months or more for 1 to 5 days, worked for 1 to 5 years for 5 days, worked for 5 to 10 years for 7 days, worked for 10 to 20 years for 10 days, and 14 days for 20 years or more;
    - full attendance award: 100 yuan/month;
    - age award: 100 yuan/month within four years, and 400 yuan/month for more than four years;
    - paid marriage leave, maternity leave, sickness leave and bereavement leave;
    - high temperature subsidy of 50 yuan per month (6 months from May to October each year);
    - subsidy for accommodation, water and electricity, and meal allowance of 100 yuan/month;
    - birthday gift, wedding, baby full moon, bereavement pension up to 600 yuan;
    - year-end bonus;
    - free medical examination;
    - travel (once a year);
    - Spring Festival fare subsidy;
    Multiple benefits 

2.Staff activities:

3. Help fund
The "inhere has love" fund has been set up to help employees whose families are in difficulties, and the personnel manager or department head of the company shall offer condolences to the families of the employees in difficulties and assist the employees' families according to the company's assistance management method.

二、 Training development
1. The company pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and all new employees will arrange the new employee orientation training uniformly, so that employees can have a deeper understanding of the company, integrate into the inhere family as soon as possible, and adapt to the work position.
2. Train the in-service staff irregularly, constantly enrich the knowledge of the post and improve the skills of the post.There are various training methods, such as PPT teaching, on-site learning, individual instruction, etc.