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inhere opto company is located in dongguan dongguan city, guangdong province. Is a professional LED photoelectric product research and development, manufacturing and marketing factory. Products are mainly used in digital products, LED backlight, LED display, computer peripheral, electronic toys, electronic appliances, backlight modules and lighting. Galaxy photoelectric r&d team by the famous Japanese and Taiwanese firms have five to ten years work experience of elite, has the independent design and development capability, from material selection to process optimization, from equipment modification to the mold design, more professional ability to develop non-standard special products for our customers. Combined with ten years of team management and the accumulation of technical strength, we can quickly provide customers with quality and price beautiful products and efficient and considerate services. Galaxy photoelectric full top using ASM automatic packaging and testing equipment, hundreds of purification, constant temperature and humidity, anti-static production workshop, and all adopt imported raw materials and fine rigorous Japanese enterprise management mode. Galaxy optoelectronics strictly implements the iso9001:2008 quality management system certification of SGS, and adheres to the ITD principle of "no bad investment, no bad manufacturing, no bad outflow", and protects product quality throughout the whole process. Galaxy optronics is customer-oriented and strives to provide products and services beyond customers' expectations. In order to quickly respond to customers' demands, the company has set up service and business outlets in major countries and domestic cities. Galaxy optoelectronics takes LED packaging as the core objective of the enterprise, and adheres to the highest ideal of developing inhere * into a famous brand in LED packaging industry, making collective efforts and unswerving efforts.......

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inhere R&D team consists of elites with years of engineering research and development experience in the opto electronics industry. With independent design and development capabilities, from material selection to process optimization, from equipment modification to mold design, the company has the ability to develop non-standard and special-shaped products for customers. Combining years of product development and production capacity, we are now able to offer our customers a full range of LED products.......


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